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Help2Go Networks can help you implement systems that will streamline your organization or school by reducing the dependence on shuffling paper from department to department. With our custom web applications, your information is centralized and available to administrators at the touch of a button. For universities and schools, our flagship goEd Student Information System will help you get there, without breaking your budget.

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Help2Go Networks is a consulting firm built by the same team of experts who have brought you since 1998. We pride ourselves in being able to speak to our customers in layman's terms - no geek speak, no condescension. We make sure that our customers are "in the loop" throughout the length of the project. The Help2Go Networks team specializes in providing technology solutions to educational institutions and NGOs. We have vast experience with university environments, high schools, elementary schools, and small to medium-sized not-for-profit organizations. Our team members hold the latest industry certifications and are trained in state-of-the-art technologies. We understand that every dollar in the budget must count, and our solutions provide the most bang for the buck in the short and long term.

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Oscar Sodani

President of Help2Go Networks. Learn more about Oscar Sodani.

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Oscar Sodani is a CISSP, a widely respected and sought- after certification. This means that Help2Go Networks can help you secure your data and protect your organization. Learn more about CISSP certification.

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An international community of volunteers that help people with computer problems. Founded by Oscar Sodani in 1998, Help2Go has thousands of members from 6 continents.

Web Applications Development

With Help2Go Networks, you get the singular focus of a developer to help you create the web-based application your business needs. With over 10 years experience with PHP, Java and Cold Fusion (CFML) development, we can create a solution for you that will save your organization time and money.

We have extensive experience in the field of education, having worked for over 10 years with American University in Washington DC and for 5 years in K-12 education.

We also understand budgetary constraints. Our track record is example of our mission of getting the project done, on time and without exceeding your budget.

If you need application development, contact us. We will respond promptly to give advice and to get your project underway.


The Help2Go Networks goEd Student Management System is a software database application with a web-based front-end for educational establishments, used to manage student data as they move through an education program. goEd provides students and administrators with a secure, easy to use interface for tracking all aspects of a student's program, including forms, assessments, scores, critiques, and feedback, plus custom interfaces for each educational entity's unique needs.

goEd has a rich Internet application (RIA) electronic portfolio module that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the system, allowing students to upload documents, images, photographs, audio and embedded video to their online presence. Each student portfolio can be fully managed by the student via the web interface with full guest access control features. Administrators can create many different types of electronic portfolios depending on the needs of their students or instructional programs. Each portfolio has scoring and assessment feedback built-in to the module.


goEd also provides a comprehensive reporting module that allows administrators to view and export data in the manner that fits best for their workflow. Administrators can also create custom queries on the fly to access the data they need, when they need it. The reporting module helps education programs to streamline the process of preparing accreditation reports for organizations like the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) or the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC).

goEd allows schools and universities to manage their data in an easy, flexible and secure environment, reducing the need for paper files and endless documents and leaving faculty and administrators more time to support students.

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